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What does Body Image mean to you?

14 Jan

Catherine Collins

“Body image”: Say it, and it’s received controversially. Surrounded as we are by images of bodies, pictures of half-dressed models and seductive actors/actresses pasted up at the bus station or hanging from billboards, or even on advertisements on our phones, the phrase is still treated with suspicion.  You will almost certainly get a scared look, and the person that you are talking to will ask you to repeat what you said, or challenge you on it.

Body image? courtesy of

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‘My Secret Life: A Memoir of Bulimia’: A face behind the statistics

6 Jan

By Jane Haynes

According to figures released by Bodywhys, the Eating Disorder Association of Ireland, up to 200,000 people may be affected by eating disorders  Continue reading

The burning issue of body image in Ireland

11 Dec

By Jane Haynes

In an age where opinions on body image and appearance are flounced freely, unchecked, across social media platforms, and the Continue reading