Mirror Mirror was founded by Dublin City University Journalism Masters students  Catherine Collins, Gillian Delany and Jane Haynes.

The inspiration and motivation behind the Mirror Mirror website came from the findings of a recent report which found that body image is one of the major issues affecting mental health among young people in Ireland today.

Based on the findings of the ‘How We See It: Survey on Young People’s Body Image’, published in October 2012, Mirror Mirror resolved to investigate and present the stories and reflections of young people in Ireland regarding their body image and health, with a particular interest in the college student demographic.

As well as providing stories from the ground on young people’s attitudes towards their body image, Mirror Mirror will also be examining the connection with eating disorders, exploring both the statistics and the real-life accounts behind it, and getting the insights and advice of some of the top experts in the field.

Mirror Mirror’s Pinterest board caters specifically for the Irish college student, providing tips and tricks for top health, fitness and well-being, while Dr Bill, our resident Twitter health guru, will be tweeting some nuggets of advice and interest to our followers.

You can get in contact with Mirror Mirror by email at mirrormirrormaj@gmail.com

The Mirror Mirror Team x


[Photo credit for lead website image: Charlotte Astrid on Flickr.com]


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