‘My Secret Life: A Memoir of Bulimia’: A face behind the statistics

6 Jan
My Secret Life - Leanne Waters

‘My Secret Life: A Memoir of Bulimia’ by Leanne Waters. [2011, Maverick House Publishers]

Indeed, perhaps some of the most resonating segments from Waters’ accounts are the traumatic life experiences which, she feels, all led up to this destructive pursuit of ‘perfection’.

According to Harriet Parsons, low self-worth and an underlying fragility, undermining confidence, often create the foundations from which an eating disorder can gradually build. This is something which Waters’ traumatic childhood experiences certainly attest to.

While many will mistakenly draw the conclusion that engaging with a disorder such as Bulimia is a snap decision or the product of some life-altering event, Waters’ account is proof of that its onset is typically and disturbingly slow-creeping.

From genuinely heart-breaking accounts of childhood bullying, feelings of isolation and misplacement, to the collapse of romantic relationships; the interspersing of Waters’ candid flashbacks into the timeline of her disorder truly portrays an image of a young life’s worth of harboured, compacted trauma.


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